Top 7 softwares not to miss in window 10 for students and office workers

Had you ever wondered what are the first software to install on your computer after installing window 10. Depending on your profession you may have a different view but here we prepared a list of 5 software not to miss on your computer. Without further due, let’s dive in.

Foxit Reader

This is a pdf reader and editor. The software will allow you to combine pdf files if you buy the premium version called Foxit Phantom reader. We are not here to waste money, are we? Free features are quite impressive too. Offering the best user interface, you can even listen to the software reading the pdf files for you. And also, there are great views all around including reading mode where all ribbons will be removed so that you can enjoy your reading without interruptions

Download Foxit Reader Here

VLC Media Player

Who don’t like to watch what is trending on YouTube or other websites? But what if you want to watch those videos in background without interrupting your work. This is the best choice to take. Offering the feature to stay on top of other running software’s and a good easy to access menu. This player read nearly all media formats you can think from mp3 to MKV files. Not only those, but you won’t need a video converter after installing VLC, it can be used for that and a lot more.

Microsoft Office

When you say office, there goes office software’s. Microsoft office packages is the only choice you get if you want to be productive. I mean Microsoft office 2016 or the 2019 version, the up-to-da

Google Chrome/ Mozilla Firefox

With the rise of the internet comes better tools to browse it. There is a wide range of browser out there. But among all those none is as great as any of the two above. But Google chrome ranking number one in my suggestion list. Internet nowadays became more that just browsing. Whether you call them extensions or addons, those browser offers a lot of additional features called in-browser software’s. These extensions will help you browse faster and also some will boost your productivity. Are you a college student, check out our list of extensions not to miss on your chrome browser? But these browsers have a lot to offer.

Download Google Chrome Here

Download Firefox here


When you come along a difficult English word, you got two choices, either way you browse the word on internet all check out in dictionary all requiring you to copy and paste that word or you Google your way out. This is why I decided to suggest this dictionary software to be part of your software’s. There is no need to do that with WordWeb installed. Just press control key (Ctrl) and Right click on that word. Easy huh.

Download Wordweb here

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