Window 7 vs window 10- Operating systems.


As of today, Window 7 is the most used operating system. But unfortunately, Microsoft will end their support for this favorite operating soon. Click here to read more. This operating system must had hold its own to be that popular. But why are people not moving to window 10 even though they know that this operating system offer new features` Here we prepared a comparison of different operating systems features.

Ease to use

As far as I can tell, few features are easy to use and explore. In this case, window 7 offers few features compared to window 10, leaving many users sticking to window 7 because they don’t know how to surf through all new features of window 10. For start menu in window 7. You get access to everything you need, my computer, control panel and programs, while in window 10, just programs and their shortcuts on start menus.


Ohh no. If you use your computer in productive work, this goes without a saying that window 10 offers the most productive environment compared to window 7. How come? Window 10 support multitasking and new features that boost productivity. My favorite one is about internet data usage management. All tricks and tips for effective data usage management. You can read here. The following features are exclusive to window 10 and can boost productivity exponentially

  • Mobile hotspot to share single network to at least other 8 computer with no need of another router
  • Setting connection as a metered one to avoid extra charges
  • Managing devices for performance or for battery life depending on the kind of tasks you are performing.


Control panel is the mother to all configurations from setting wallpaper to changing user privileges in window 7. While in window 10, this feature is now almost useless unless you need to boost your performance and changes power options. The new designed setting app is doing great and my favorite so far. Bringing all settings together from system to display. When comes to customization, window 10 win the prize offering lockscreen wallpapers and choosing which notifications to display

Microsoft Store- Alternatives

These ones are a bonus. Do you like to play android games from Google Play Store? No wonder, who don’t? In window 7 you may need to install an android emulator to play your favorite games like Asphalt 8 Airborne. But window 10 brought the solution to this buy introducing Microsoft Store. This is where you get all apps you need to boost your productivity and all better games they can offer, some for free or you can purchase them. This is just business. But this app allows you to install and play those games with no need to install an emulator.

Check out our video about window 10 features that other operating system users are missing.

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