My journey to programming

Hi, my name is "Undisclosed" Fahrer Feyton Fabrice. I currently 23 years old. Programming always facsinated me, but when I was in secondary school (The equivalent of Americans HighSchool), I opened notepad and wrote "print('hello world"), don't ask me the language; I was never executed that file, because back then I read about compiler and it was too hard to get it. That's my story.

I didn't start programming at age of 13 like many out there. I started at age of maybe 20 or 18. Around that, I started learning HTML and CSS, back then I thought its programming, but later learned that its just markup language and Javascript is the language of the web.

Beginner language:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Javascript

Where I am now:

Two years, ago I opened my laptop, I was in Level 2 of University, department of Forestry, and I searched programming. my Goal was to solve a calculation problem in Assignment. I have Mathematics Phobia (I mean when I see math formulae, I hallucinate, I mean like those formulae below)

I stumbled on Python and they said, It comes pre installed in window. So I opened my cmd, then typed  those command:

  • python
  • print("hello world")

This post will keep updating!!!

Am a self taught developer interested in Django web development. I have no CS background but I have found that with proper motivation anyone can code

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